Energy-efficient heater to be used anywhere

Last winter, the average temperature has been very low and we have had a lot of snow: it has been the longest and coldest winter since 1996. The result is a soaring energy bill... With a powerful, portable and money-saving Zibro paraffin heater you can heat your house in a targeted way. These heaters can be used for additional heating as well. They allow you to save a lot of money on your heating costs.

Zibro's innovative and portable heaters provide a comfortable warmth quickly. They have a number of smart technologies, including a timer and a booster start to make sure the room can be heated extra quickly. Some laser models are equipped with a motion detection sensor, making these models even more energy-efficient. All the (Turbo) Control models are easy to use and do not eve need electricity, making them the ideal primary or supplementary heater in your barn or on the holiday. Zibro paraffin heaters come with a 4-year guarantee and are suitable for rooms up to 255 .